* About Me *

Hello World,

I've spent my lifetime lost in my own little fantasy land, and although I've just turned thirty (shudder), I have no intention of leaving it!

I live with my hubby, music composer and sound designer Joe Hogan, my two beautiful daughters and our cocker spaniel, Crazypup.

While they are out all day, doing proper grown up things or attending school, I wile away the hours making stuff up.

My inspiration comes from writing what I would want to read - stories that are pure escapism, that hopefully are compelling and occasionally thought-provoking. People have described me as both "a lovely girl" and a "sweetie"... but I actually have quite a dark and twisty mind. Both sides of my character are reflected in the diversity of my writing.

There are many, many writers whose work I both respect and enjoy, but nothing makes me quite as happy as reading a Gothic fairytale.

Other interests include watching films, coasters, taking long walks in the country, eating, shopping and playing Lego Harry Potter on the Xbox.

Hope you enjoy a glimpse into the madness that is my reality.

~ Bex ~