Monday, 21 October 2013

Hello! *Waves*

The eagle-eyed, ultra perceptive people out there will have noticed it's been a while since I last wrote here. Um, yep. April to October. That's a long time. A really long time. *Shakes head in shame* But let's face it, this isn't my first grovelling apology for the lack of posts, and I somehow suspect it won't be the last. Lots has happened since April, but rather than bore you with the details, I shall instead sum up!

~  Hubby got himself a shiny new job (yay!) and whisked us away to the flatlands of Cambridgeshire.

~ My baby turned one and is now walking like a pro.

~ I finished another book! Writing one that is, not reading! On to the next one now!

~ In the stress of relocating, I rediscovered my love of maltesers. This is not necessarily a good thing. (It is.)

So now, attention turns to the crazy couple of months left in the year. This year has gone faster than any other I remember, but there's still plenty to pack in before the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve!

~ A birthday for my daughter. When the heck did she get to be eleven??

~ A trip to Harry Potter Studios - CAN. NOT. WAIT!

~ A christening for one of my scrummy nephews. Family party, yay!

~ A girly trip to the Harrogate Country Living Fair. SO excited!

And let's not forget Halloween, Bonfire Night and a visit from my amazing parents!  Busy times people, busy times! You know what that means, right? I'll probably not get round to blogging for another six months!

~ Bex ~