Saturday, 9 February 2013

Random Saturday Musings

~ Why do I suddenly need to turn up my jeans at the bottom? They're M&S short length for crying out loud. Good God, how short am I? Have I got the terrible shrinks?

~ How many chocolate digestives is too many? Perhaps I need to do some conclusive research into this.

~ Thought I'd watch "The Secret of my Success" thinking that any film that starred Marty McFly and Supergirl had to be awesome. I was wrong.

~ Found out my two year old nephew likes to pretend to be my baby daughter when he plays, and makes the rest of his family take on the role of my older daughter, hubby and me. I feel somewhat heartened that there is a living soul who deems my life interesting enough to act out.

~ As it's Chinese New Year, and all my family are in Taiwan celebrating with multi-course feasts, is it not my duty to have a takeaway?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

~ Bex ~


  1. totally with you on the take-away ... humm about the jeans ... seriously worried about you!!
    that is so cute about Sam!!!
    love ya,

  2. Perhaps I can give the phrase "shrinking violet" a whole new meaning?
    It was actually Eddie - had a very long distance phonecall today. But if things catch on, Sam will be playing "my life" very soon...