Saturday, 9 February 2013

Random Saturday Musings

~ Why do I suddenly need to turn up my jeans at the bottom? They're M&S short length for crying out loud. Good God, how short am I? Have I got the terrible shrinks?

~ How many chocolate digestives is too many? Perhaps I need to do some conclusive research into this.

~ Thought I'd watch "The Secret of my Success" thinking that any film that starred Marty McFly and Supergirl had to be awesome. I was wrong.

~ Found out my two year old nephew likes to pretend to be my baby daughter when he plays, and makes the rest of his family take on the role of my older daughter, hubby and me. I feel somewhat heartened that there is a living soul who deems my life interesting enough to act out.

~ As it's Chinese New Year, and all my family are in Taiwan celebrating with multi-course feasts, is it not my duty to have a takeaway?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

~ Bex ~

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Homework? Fun?

One of the best things about being a parent is you get to do homework all over again. It was so much fun the first time round, and is only enhanced this time by the humiliation of being bested by your 10 year old daughter.

Okay, so I hated homework. Always have, always will. But it exists nonetheless and so I'm happy to help Kara whenever she needs me (apart from in maths, because embarrassingly she is already far better at it than me and my help is largely superfluous.)

The thing is, from what I remember of school (and it was a long time ago people) the times I learned the most was when the lessons were fun, so as a parent I have an opportunity. Homework can either be stressful and dull, or I can try to inject some life into the experience. Of course, it's not always easy - spellings are spellings, and sums are sums.

Recently though, I've been able to have some fun with Kara as she's been given half term projects in addition to her daily work. The best one was when they were studying Ancient Greece - she made a fantastic set of Mythological Creatures Top Trumps. She learned a lot, discovered some fantastic stories and enjoyed herself. This term they're learning about rivers - so she's been digging out extracts about river animals from children's literature and making a little booklet which she is illustrating. So cute!

So from time to time, homework isn't too bad. But this is only primary school homework. God help us when she goes to secondary school!

~ Bex ~

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What happened was...

Wow, nearly a year since I last posted....but what a year! Pregnancy seemed to dominate last year, firstly the sickness, then the excitement, followed by the inevitable discomforts of looking like I'd swallowed several small children. With a due date at the end of August, summer threatened to be very long but an early false start labour brought my mum to stay earlier than planned and she ended up staying for a wonderful two months. This meant I was totally spoiled, but more importantly my older daughter wasn't completely bored. After a couple more false starts, my beautiful little girl finally arrived in September - and was totally worth the wait. Her name is Odette and we're all completely in love with her.

The past few months have been a blur really, but things are settling down now and I've been increasingly able to reconnect with my computer. Just because you have a new baby doesn't mean the creative spirit disappears and I've been busy jotting down ideas for a new novel over the past few months, which I'm now beginning to develop properly. Happy days. :)

On a final note for now, I must just tell you one of the highlights of last summer. I discovered The Great British Bake Off. Ok, I know I'm massively behind everyone else on this, but I cannot tell you how nice it was watching it whilst being able to stuff my face with cake guilt free. Of course now I'm paying the price trying to shift baby weight - but oh, those were good times.

~ Bex ~