Monday, 30 April 2012

Reading and writing...writing and reading...

Firstly, before I start my ramblings, can I confess to being confused by this new blogger layout? I know, inept! Just hoping this post publishes properly....!

I've been in the fortunate position for the last couple of weeks to spend lots of time doing two of my favourite things...reading and writing. Bump makes me tired a lot, so is giving me the perfect excuse to sit and catch up on some books that my personal library (aka my mum) has supplied me with. Having thoroughly enjoyed getting up to date with the Game of Thrones series (can't believe I'm going to have to wait a few years before the next one!), I then moved onto something a little different by trying Michelle Paver's "Dark Matter" - a really, really creepy ghost story! Definitely gave me a few nightmares! I'm now looking forward with rather embarrassing levels of excitement to receiving the latest Sookie Stackhouse installment - if Mr Postie doesn't bring it tomorrow I might cry!

In between my bouts of escapism, I have been thoroughly enjoying starting a new WIP. I had planned to start the historical novel I've been researching and plotting for months, but somehow a new idea planted itself and rapidly took seed - so my poor historical story is on the back burner again (I will get to it, I promise!!) Instead, I find myself taking tentative steps into the world of YA, a genre I haven't attempted yet, but I'm loving the experience so far.  There's a few aspects of the story I'm not sure are YA compatible at the moment, but for now I will just write the story I want to tell and figure out the tricky stuff later! For now I'm basking in the joy of inspiration - what better place for a writer to be?! :)

~ Bex ~

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It's been a while...

Well, the last time I blogged it was December...that I haven't written since last year is pretty shameful, but I'm here now so let's not dwell on the past! Did you all have a nice Christmas?!
The past few months have been pretty crazy for me...December was the month of my mum's 60th birthday bash - an amazing family weekend in Wales which I'm sure we'll all remember for a long time to come. Plus there was, of course, Christmas to celebrate, during which time I began to feel quite sick...not long after that I discovered I was expecting my second child! A real joy considering I'd been suffering with endometriosis for the past few years. But this little bun in my oven is the main culprit behind my lack of internet interaction. The first 3 months were hellish, with me practically bed-ridden and sadly blogging, along with everything else, got put to one side!
Things are much better now though, and with spring in the air and the sun shining brightly, I feel ready to take on the world again! Gently...and without heavy lifting!
Writing wise, I've finally finished my third novel, so am embarking once more into the wonderful world of submissions :) Then I plan to get cracking with my next novel - something historical for a change. I need to get as much done in the next few months as possible before Baby Hogan arrives and steals all my sleep!
Hope all is well in the world with you?