Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bad Blogger - Part 2

I think it's fair to say that I've been really bad at blogging this month. It's the 19th already and I've only done one post in July! Shocking!
But, in my defence, there is a reason for this neglect. I've been super busy! Yes, we're all busy, I hear you say, and that's where my defence breaks down! But still, it's the only one I have!
Firstly I had a long weekend away in sunny Cornwall for the hen-do of one of my lovely school friends. Not only was this a great time to catch up with lots of fab friends, get my first massage (who knew buttocks were included in a neck, shoulders and back massage!!), wear red shoes for the first time, and get to experience the oh-so charming male presence in Newquay on a Saturday night, but also I was able to steal a little time with my parents while I was down there. For you see, Cornwall is my home, and although I've been gone for four years now, I still love going back. So, all in all, a busy but wonderful few days.
Last weekend we had a trip to see my hubby's parents and sister. A whirlwind trip, but so lovely. I'm so lucky to have such great in-laws and we enjoyed a yumptious bbq (my first of the year!) and a trip to see Harry Potter at the cinema.
The main reason, though, that I have simply not found time to blog is that finally, inspiration has struck!! I've ditched my stale project (well, I say ditch, but it's more just having a break for a bit!) because, one night, a wave of creativity washed over me and a new idea was born! I don't want to say too much about it for now, but I will say that it's not a novel this time! Oooh, cryptic! It's so lovely to be writing when you're in the zone - when you're so immersed you forget to eat and suddenly realise the day has passed without you noticing, when your fingers simply can't keep up with your brain. I haven't had that feeling since I finished my second novel in March and I'm glad to have it back. I was afraid it was gone forever!
So, there's my explanation folks, for my rather long absence! I fear it might be a while again until I write, certainly until the first draft of my new project is complete. But somehow I suspect you'll all manage perfectly well without my pointless ramblings for a little while...


Friday, 1 July 2011

It's A Love Hate Thing

I'm at war. Every day I'm facing another battle in an attempt to secure overall victory. My foe? My current work in progress.

It's a funny thing, this particular book. I love the story, I love my characters, I love re-reading what I've already done. But, and this is rather unfortunate, I HATE writing it!

I can't figure out what the problem is. The two novels I've completed were a joy to write. I couldn't get enough of them, hated being distracted, and if I'd been left to my own devices probably wouldn't have eaten or left the house for months. But this one? Well, as I say, we're like squabbling siblings caught in a perpetual scrap.

Some days I win, and get a substantial word count down. But more often, it's me that's defeated. One day this week I only managed to get down 20 words. That is shameful!! And what's worse is that they were an abysmal 20 words that were quickly deleted the following day.

My mum has a theory, that's probably not far off the mark. The thing is, my first two are completely separated from any kind of reality. When I wrote them, I was able to lose myself in the story entirely. But my current one is a totally different genre and in many ways, quite similar to my own life. Mum believes that is why I'm struggling, because I'm not able to escape in quite the same way, and I think she might be right.

Another problem is I haven't found the perfect writing soundtrack to this MS yet. And that is crucial to me because I thrive off the music. I've tried everything we own against it, and many more, but I haven't found anything that sits well with the mood I need to create whilst writing.

Perhaps it would be sensible to leave this one be for now and move on to another of the many ideas I have in the pipeline. But I'm nothing if not stubborn, and I refuse to be defeated by this! Because I'm nearly there - another 20-30k words and the first draft would be complete. And trust me, that would be enough to win the war.

~ Bex ~