Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Swan Lake

When I was little I took ballet classes, like so many other girls do. Twenty odd years later, I've long since hung up my point shoes, but those days were not entirely wasted on me. You see, when I was still this sweet child, I fell in love with something that has shaped the person I've grown up into.

That something was Swan Lake.

I can't begin to describe how much I love this ballet. The story encapsulates all my favourite elements - it's romantic, magical, heart-breaking and tragic. The music proves that Tchaikovsky was a genius and I listen to it often while I write. One of my dreams that almost certainly will never come true is to play in an orchestra during a performance of Swan Lake. Well, ok, if I'm dreaming, I'd quite like to be able to dance the lead. But that definitely will never happen - short, well-curved thirty year olds don't tend to make good prima ballerinas!

I've seen it countless times, know the score off by heart and yet it never fails to move and inspire me. It instilled in me a desire to create other worlds, to fall in love with characters and live their stories along side them. Everything creative I've ever done stems back to the seed this ballet planted in me at a young and tender age.

And for that, I shall always be truly thankful.

~ Bex ~

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