Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Year of the Wedding

2011 truly is the year for weddings. No, I'm not talking about the Royal Wedding that's just passed, nice though it was. For me, it's earned the title because I've been invited to six of them - three are for family members and three are for friends. Obviously this gives me lots of excuses to buy pretty new dresses and go to lots of fun hen do's!

With one wedding down - and a beautiful one it was too -I have two coming up this month: my uncle is getting married and so is my brother-in-law. Both occasions mean I get to see lots of my lovely family so naturally I am very excited.

So with marriage on the mind, I was thinking about what novels there are that centre around the theme. Lots of chick lit springs to mind, but you can't think "novel" and "wedding" and not come up with the answer "Jane Austen". She has to be the queen of happy endings, something which we all secretly aspire to. Here's the thing though...I consider myself a massive Austen fan having watched every film or TV version ever made of every book. And I've watched some of them a lot. No, really. Lots. But though it shames me to admit this, the only novel I've actually read is 'Mansfield Park'.

How can I call myself a true fan when I've not read the original work?? I can't. Nor, I suspect, can I class myself as a true bookworm when I haven't read such fundamental classics. So, I have decided in this, my Year of the Wedding, I will raid my local library and make my way through all her novels and maybe even nose at some of her other works. After all, there can be no other literature more suitable to accompany me as I celebrate the joy of my loved ones.

Now that's a plan.

~ Bex ~


  1. oooh I am the same ... seen them, loved them, heard them on the radio ........ but never really read them!
    Good luck with you romantic year of reading and can't wait to see you at the next wedding!
    Maria xxx

  2. Why don't you join me in my reading challenge? x