Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What a wedding!

Well folks, another weekend, another wedding! This time it was my hubby's younger brother's turn, so it was a real family occasion. My beautiful daughter was stunning as a bridesmaid, and I have to admit I shed a few tears as she walked down the aisle (major flash forward to the future moment!) The bride was radiant and the groom looked like he couldn't believe his luck! The theme for the wedding was Lego - unbelievably cool! Lego cufflinks, favours, cake topper and table centre-pieces. Awesome!
But I know what you're really interested in is...how did I embarrass myself this time?!
I would love to tell you all that I didn't, that things went without a hitch. But then I'd be lying and I wouldn't do that to you! There seemed to be a trail of mini disasters, ranging from an interesting meal out on the Friday night (let's just say that the waitress's maths left a lot to be desired) to a hotel that made Fawlty Towers seem the height of professionalism! A bridesmaid's single flower bouquet broke on route to the church, a waiter knocked over a whole stand of glasses at the marquee and one relative's car was broken into!
My personal disaster? Well, that would be my dress. Oh so pretty, nipped in at the waist and then flaring out...all was going well until I stepped outside into the wind. Suffice to say that far too many people have now seen my infamous suck-in pants! Marilyn Monroe, eat your heart out!
But for all these dramas of varying sizes, it was the most wonderful weekend. We all laughed our way through (mostly!) and none of these things ruined the day. Personally, I love it when things don't exactly go to plan - a life with incident is the best source of inspiration!
Now I have a couple of months to recover before two weddings in August...if having read this they still decide to invite me!

~ Bex ~

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