Monday, 9 May 2011

A Week of Blogging

Well, it's officially one week since I started my blog! And what a strange Blog Birthday day it's been...

Firstly I came across a little Jack Russell dog standing in the middle of the road. Its owner was quite a distance away and running frantically to try and reach her. So I pulled over in my car and ran into the road, flagging the cars down to stop until I could get the little doggy to safety. And what a cutie she was! Happy to say dog and owner were reunited and I went on my merry way, feeling relieved that all ended well.

Then I found a hedgehog, lying still on my front lawn in the hot sunshine. Having checked to see it was still breathing, I made a little box with blankets for it and picked it up, checking it for injuries. He didn't seem a happy hedgehog, but I couldn't see anything wrong with it. So I phoned the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue, who I have to say are just brilliant! They sent a wildlife ambulance (yes that is a real thing and it was very impressive!) within half an hour and took my little spiky friend away to their hospital. Apparently he was very underweight and weak, possibly a youngster so I have my fingers crossed that with some care he will be restored to health.

My dog has found all this very confusing, and I'm hoping that's the last of my animal rescuing for the foreseeable future!

On a final note...I had intended for this blog post to be about Louis de Bernieres. He's in Brighton at the moment narrating a play he wrote and I was all geared up to listen to his interview on local radio. At the moment they introduced him, my car radio signal failed. For ten minutes I heard fuzz. When the signal was restored the words, "That was Louis de Bernieres talking about Captain Correlli's Mandolin and his new play that is in Brighton..." greeted me. Argh!

A strange day indeed!

~ Bex ~


  1. I am glad both doggy and hedgehog were saved! Have you ever thought of a job in the RSPCA?? hehe
    Maria x

  2. Oh and happy 1 week blog birthday xxx

  3. That hedgehog is soooooooooooo cute x