Sunday, 15 May 2011

A Blogging Award!

Well, this is lovely - I've been awarded 'The Versatile Blogger Award' by Maria from Maria Divine. Considering I'm such a newbie blogger this is quite an honour - thank you Maria!

Part of accepting this award means I have to tell you seven (presumably interesting!) things about myself so here goes.

1. When I was 17 I walked from Plymouth to Lands End to raise money for charity.
2. When I was younger I wanted to be a forensic pathologist (all Patricia Cornwell's fault!).
3. If it's pink and spotty, you can't go wrong!
4. I don't believe in ironing - I don't own an iron and never plan to!
5. I was born on Easter Day and for far too many years thought Easter Eggs were all about me!
6. Once taught myself how to speak Old Norse, before realising the need to be able to say "The ghost sees the King" in a dead language probably wasn't that great! (In case you're interested that translates to "Draugrinn ser Konunginn"...)
7. When I was little, my brother dislocated my elbow while rescuing me from the crocodiles in our back garden.

Another stipulation of the award is that I pass it on to 5 newly discovered bloggers, so I have chosen:

Inner Owlet
Wise Words
James Dawson
Little Birdy Designs
Lyndsey Rose Davis

Please do have a look at all their lovely blogs and say hello!

And you should check out Maria's blog too, because it's sooo pretty :) Thanks again Maria.

~ Bex ~